Lindsay Lohan Is Job Security

I knew it was too good to be true.

Lindsay Lohan will be a free woman soon, because a judge has just reversed Judge Elden Fox’s decision and has granted LiLo bail … TMZ has learned. Judge Fox ruled earlier today … Lindsay could be held without bail. But apparently the Judge’s ruling flies in the face of California law, which gives defendants the right to bail in misdemeanor cases.

Judge Patricia Schnegg, Assistant Supervising Judge for the L.A. County Criminal Courts, just threw Judge Fox’s bail decision out the window. Judge Schnegg has set bail at $300,000… Lindsay will have to get a SCRAM bracelet (this will be her third) within 24 hours — and under the terms of her bail, she is not allowed to be around known drug users … and must submit to search by law enforcement at any time.

 Also, nightclubs will be a major no-no … Linds has to stay out of places where alcohol is the “chief item of sale.”

I wrote a little ditty in honor of Courtney Love Lindsay, because as long as she continues down this path, gossip bloggers will have something to snark about.

(to the tune of Yankee Doodle)

Lindsay Lohan went to jail

coming off a coke binge

stuck some filler in her lips and wore a suit of orange.

Our girl LiLo then made bail

(her lawyer sure is dandy)

by now she’s downing Jack and Cokes

and railing more nose candy!