Lady Gaga Is Suing

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You’d think that an egomaniac and manufactured pop star whose songs are about how every guy wants to bang her even though she looks like the 4th runner up in a transvestite contest would be happy that people would want to have sex with a better looking version of her. I guess not.


Lady GaGa has taken legal action against a company making a blow-up doll that looks like her, according to reports. A firm called Pipedream Products was selling a ‘Lady Gag Gag Love Doll’ earlier this year, but has now been forced to withdraw the product. GaGa’s people apparently said the doll was a copyright infringement on the star…

Lady Gaga looks like Gargamel, so she should be happy that people would think the chick on the box was her. Because if it was, I’d be more apt to tolerate her god awful music and her even more unbearable sense of self-worth. Look, you wear meat dresses and Kermit the frog as a hat. And your lyrics sound like a rejected poem from Highlights magazine. I have no idea why these weren’t sold with a complimentary bottle of lighter fluid.

btw, this is required reading. there will be a test tomorrow.