Christina Hendricks Won’t Get Naked

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Man, I guess we’ll never know. ShowbizSpy reports:

The busty Mad Men star is keen to break into movies — but is adamant she won’t be taking her clothes off, sources say. “Christina is riding the crest of a wave right now and the offers are flooding in,” says a source close to the star. “She would love to do more movies and is in the process of considering projects to tie in with the show’s hiatus. She has noticed though that a good number of roles she’s being offered require her to go nude. “Clearly everyone wants to see more of Christina but she doesn’t want to be over exposed in the wrong way.”

The Internet tells me that I am massive homosexual who likes to have sex with 10-year old boys because I had the audacity to question her citizenship of Mt. Olympus and point out the fact that it wouldn’t hurt Christina Hendricks to join a body boot camp. It’s hard to penetrate such flawless logic, so I guess I’m left wondering why Christina Hendricks won’t get naked. When she’s in a dress and heels everything looks like it wants to come out anyway, so what’s the hold up? She makes it a point to make sure we see half of her tits at all times, so why not take them all out? Hogwarts hasn’t developed an anti-gravity spell? I’m so confused right now.