Hey Look, Another Stupid Outfit

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In case you didn’t already know that the music industry should fall upon its sword and kill itself or that the MTV VMAs are the most irrelevant awards since a Best Handwriting Sticker, Lady Gaga won eight moon trophy things last night. And of course she looked like she was dressed by a gay dude in a monocle who’s been rolling for four days. I would never condone violence against gay people, but look at the banner picture. Now look at your fist. Shame on you!

Note: By the way, I was recently informed by a drunk chick at Brooklyn Heights that Lady Gaga will be in Raleigh on September 19. Here’s some of our conversation:

Drunk Chick
: “Fuck yeah, little monsters!”

Me: “So why do you like this bitch so much?”

Drunk Chick: “‘Cuz she don’t give a fuck! She don’t care what society says, she has no rules, she does what she wants and fuck the haters!”

Me: “What, you mean like child molesters?”

*Awkward pause*