Christina Hendricks Is A Goddess

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Last month, some chick on Pajiba called me out for calling Christina Hendricks fat, then hated on January Jones, and went on to say that if you agree with anyone who thinks Hendricks might have the caloric intake of a Kodiak bear then you’re unintelligent. Yeah, that makes sense. Then you read the post and, of course, realize she’s more defending herself than Hendricks because if Hendricks is fat then she’s fat, too. Whatever. Do some Pilates and stop telling what I should find sexy. Long story short, here’s Christina Hendricks at the Carolina Herrera New York Store Opening. I guess she was there to look at clothes she’ll never be able to wear. Because cover up the tits and here’s what you’re left with. A pale, fat chick with fangs and a fucked up eye who is apparently baking bread in her shoes in case the hors d’oeuvres run out.