Narcissus Had A Lady Gaga Complex

Are you sitting down? TMZ reports:

The mother of Lady Gaga‘s deceased friend is taking the singer to task because she feels Gaga stole her daughter’s style — and she’s put together a video to try to prove her case. TMZ has obtained the video made by Lina Morgana’s mother made to show the similarities between the two singers. The video is set to a song Lina recorded before she committed suicide in 2008. 

Lina and Gaga were friends before Gaga made it big, according to Lina’s mom, Yana — who claims the two worked together back in 2007. 

Yana tells TMZ she just wants the recognition she feels her daughter deserves. She’s also trying to secure the rights to several songs Gaga and Lina did together before her death.

You can watch the video for yourself and see that some of it might be a bit of a stretch, but far be it from me to ever defend Lady Gaga. Perez Hilton wouldn’t know talent if it shot a load down his throat- and he’s mostly to blame for her current omnipresence- so the fact that there was a prettier (see banner pic) and more capable first draft of this heinous he-bitch is the least surprising thing I’ve heard all day. Well, that and the fact that Dallas is favored in Vegas at -120 to take the NFC East. I guess it’s just a day for stating the obvious.