Lindsay Lohan Hit A Baby With Her Car

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In California, if you get two DUIs, get found with cocaine twice, leave the scene of an accident, and plow through L.A. after you hijack a car, you’re still cool to drive. No big deal. You know, unless you HIT A FUCKING BABY. Radar Online reports:

Lindsay Lohan clipped a stroller holding a baby while driving her high-powered Maserati, two eyewitnesses to the incident exclusively tell The two onlookers identified the Mean Girls star in her West Hollywood neighborhood around 5pm Wednesday, when she accidentally hit the woman and child after failing to look both ways before turning. “There was a woman pushing a kid in the stroller, maybe a two or three-year-old, crossing the street,” witness Brayan Jaime told, in an exclusive interview. “Lindsay took the red light and hit the stroller. It wasn’t super hard, but she made impact and hit them,” Jaime said. “Lindsay pulled to the right, stopped for two seconds, and then just kept going.” Jaime claims Lohan came out of the parking garage quickly, making only a brief pause at the red light instead of a full stop. A second witness at the scene told that the impact was minimal, so it’s possible Lohan didn’t realize it happened. Nonetheless, he insists contact was made. “She was just driving like crazy once I started following her. She was trying to lose me, blowing stop signs and stuff,” Jaime said, who followed Lohan after being stunned at what he saw. “Lindsay was scared because she knew I saw what she did.” But the incident doesn’t seem to have registered with Lohan, who was released from a court ordered rehab and jail sentence last month. When contacted for comment, she told, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Dear God, Lindsay hasn’t even been out a month and she’s already the Angel of Death again. She shouldn’t even be allowed to drive on Mario Kart, much less an Italian sports car that registers at 160. I’d rather cut my own brakes and drive down a volcano than go through a car wash with this bitch behind the wheel.