Jim Carrey Is Upset, Possibly Crazy

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After dating for almost five years, Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy broke up in April. And even though she’s a lunatic whose medical advice causes children to die of measles, to reiterate, she’s Jenny McCarthy. It wasn’t going to take long before her needs would be filled horizontally by somebody else. And that somebody else is 35-year-old “Las Vegas hunk” Jason Toohey. Long story short, Jim carrey might kill himself.

pals fear the funnyman’s downward spiral may prompt a return of the condition that once forced him into treatment for mental health problems. “Jim isn’t himself these days – and he hasn’t been ever since he and Jenny split,” a close friend told The ENQUIRER. “But finding out she has already moved in with a guy has just sent him reeling.”…A devastated Jim has been acting strangely, say sources — and he has posted weird messages on Twitter recently. Not long after splitting with Jenny, he Tweeted the word “boing” 40 times. Then he attacked Tiger Woods’ wife in another post, claiming she must have known about her husband’s affairs. “That was the manic Jim acting out,” says the friend. “He isn’t happy.”

Obama doesn’t need to step in for factories to make more vagina, so I’m not really sure what his problem is right now. Snap out of it, dude. You’re Jim Carrey. You could turn over a casket then set it on fire, and still fuck every chick at a funeral.