Lindsay Is Going To Court Again

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In July 2007, Lindsay Lohan was at a party where she was “never without a drink” when her assistant abruptly quit and left with her mother. Lindsay then carjacked a Denali with three people inside, ran over someone, then proceeded to chase her assistant and her assistant’s mom down PCH at speeds in excess of 100mph. When the three men in the car attempted to stop Lindsay, she said “If you touch me I’ll sue you” and “I can’t get in trouble. I’m a celebrity. I can do whatever the fuck I want”. Lindsay caught her assistant’s mother’s car then drove circles around the car in the middle of PCH. Her assistant finally escaped to her house, only to find Lindsay pulling behind her in her driveway. She fled, and Lindsay chased her again blowing multiple red lights. Both cars were pulled and Lindsay told officers “I wasn’t driving. The black kid was driving.” She was arrested for DUI at the scene, and police found cocaine in her back pocket. In a radio interview with Billy Bush the next day, she said she was framed. She served 84 minutes in jail. She had her license reinstated by the DMV yesterday, and she will face no other criminal charges after November 1, 2010. At least three people in California aren’t pretending like it never happened. Radar Online reports:

…a trial date has just been set for a lawsuit regarding a wild car chase in 2007. The trial will take place in Beverly Hills Court on January 31. Lohan is accused of chasing another car – driven by Michelle Peck, the mother of her former assistant – across Los Angeles. A woman named Tracie Rice was in Peck’s car at the time. The three men in Lohan’s car are also suing her, claiming they were kidnapped and that their lives were endangered. Lohan allegedly drove at a very high speed rate. Rice claims she suffered emotional distress following the chase, after which Lohan was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and being in possession of cocaine. “What Miss Lohan did that night was extremely dangerous and reprehensible,” Rice said in a statement. “Someone could easily have been killed or seriously hurt because of her irresponsible decisions that evening.” Rice is suing for an undisclosed amount but her attorney Paul Hoffman is adamant justice be served. “My client Tracie Rice thought she was going to die that night and wants Ms. Lohan to be held accountable,” he said after an early hearing in the case. “Lohan’s behavior was so extreme and outrageous. Ms. Rice is still traumatized from the incident.”

Lindsay has to send an envelope to Cash For Gold to buy a Grilled Stuft Burrito, so I don’t how much money these people expect to get. Unless Red Bull and butt plugs become an acceptable form of currency, these people might want to rethink their strategy.