“Psychotherapy and Random Drug Tests”

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Now that she didn’t have to accept responsibility for her actions this time, a new judge has slapped Lindsay with a new set of restrictions that she won’t care if she breaks or not. Popeater reports:

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Elden S. Fox ordered the ‘Mean Girls’ star to undergo psychotherapy and addiction counseling sessions several times a week until November. He also ordered the 24-year-old to submit to random drug and alcohol testing at least twice a week and to continue living in the Los Angeles area. The judge did give Lohan some incentives and rewards. He dismissed two drug counts that the actress had pleaded guilty to in 2007. He also said Lohan will be taken off supervised probation if she complies with his orders, passes all drug and alcohol tests and does not miss any of her counseling sessions.

Whatever. Blah blah blah. Lindsay could walk in the street right now pulling a wagon full of heroin while throwing dynamite into strollers and only be sentenced to a ride on a scary roller coaster.

Lookin’ good, Lindsay!