Lindsay Owes UCLA $130K

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If Lindsay Lohan set up a shoe shine stand right now, she’d make more today than she has in Hollywood over the last three years. So good luck with this. TMZ reports:

Lindsay Lohan’s UCLA medical bill was a whopping $40,000 a week … sources familiar with her treatment tell TMZ. Before continuing … we’ll answer what we know you’re asking. We’re told Lindsay’s insurance (SAG) does not cover treatment at the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Hospital. Sources at UCLA tell us the base rate for treatment at the Hospital is $17,850 a week, which does not include the cost of doctors, testing, medication, or therapists. All tolled, Lindsay’s bill came to $40,000 a week. Here’s what’s crazy … Judge Marsha Revel ordered 13 weeks of treatment, which would have brought the bill to $520,000. According to the docs, Judge Revel overreacted and Lindsay was released after only 23 days — almost 3 1/2 weeks. That reduces the cost to a very reasonable $130,400.

If there’s any semblance of justice that comes from this, it’s that Lindsay’s credit report will now have to go into a three-ring binder then glued to stone tablets. They better call the police and report a break in, because UCLA would have an easier time getting $130K from a dead Civil War soldier than they would Lindsay Lohan.