Britney Is Disgusting

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I almost feel sorry for Britney Spears because she’s a borderline functioning retard with no concept of reality. You could tell her she’s an international superstar or you could tell her that she lives in a cereal box and she was just stare at you and ask for more hot sauce for her Honey Bun. But this is fucking gross. Orange reports:

Brit’s man Jason Trawick has worked himself up into a lather and told the singer that she smells a little bit toxic and needs to shower more often – or she’s dumped. Those close to her – although we’re guessing they’re not too close – say Britney refuses to wash her hair for days and often doesn’t change her clothes. A smell-conscious friend told Heat: “Britney’s not the type to cover herself in pretty-smelling lotions. “She hates washing her hair, so sometimes it can smell downright sour. She’ll sometimes grab an outfit and wear it two or three times a week. Recently she put on a sundress for the third day in a row, but Jason refused to leave the house with her until she put on something else.” It sounds like Britney’s cleaned up her act since Jason mentioned her whiffy aroma, and has been changing more regularly. Friends have said the singer’s hygiene problem is down to laziness – and the fact that she’s so used to having an army of stylists dressing her that she can’t be bothered to do it herself. “She was the same when she was with K-Fed,” said one friend.

I don’t care how rich she is, but if you have to tell your 30-year old girlfriend to wash her ass, it might be time to move on. Just a suggestion. And it’s not like any of this is a surprise, Britney is well-known for being unable to fully grasp the concept of a bar of soap. Bitch smells like pork skins and low tide. All that’s missing is Gordon and Big Bird opening her lid and teaching children about respect and tolerance of people with different views and lifestyles.