Lindsay Is Getting Out This Week

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The UCLA Neuropsychiatric Hospital can unhide it’s kids, wives, and husbands, because the California justice system is awesome.


Our sources say Lindsay’s doctors have not written their final report, but they have already concluded her psychiatric problems are not nearly as severe as first thought. We’ve been told there were indications Lindsay was bipolar but that proved not to be the case. In addition, the doctors do not believe the drug dependency issues are as severe as first thought. As we reported, Lindsay had big issues with Adderall, but the docs don’t think it requires much more inpatient care. Bottom line … sources say it’s “very possible” Lindsay is getting out this week and will begin getting outpatient care. One obstacle — the judge must approve early release. We’re told once the doctors write their final report, Lindsay’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, can go back into court and ask the judge to spring her client from her 90-day rehab sentence. If the medical professionals think releasing her is a good idea, the judge will almost certainly go along with it.

So to recap, Lindsay isn’t bipolar and doesn’t have a problem with prescription drugs? Man, so I wonder what it is that makes her act like a paranoid, entitled, irrational cunt with no respect for others or understanding of the basic concept of right and wrong? I don’t want to give anything away here, but…no wait, yes I do! Cocaine! And meth! Jesus, I could call a Mesothelioma lawyer with a diploma that has macaroni glued to it who could do a better job than anybody involved in this case.