American Idol: “J-Lo No Home”

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Two weeks ago it was announced that Jennifer Lopez was close to signing a deal that would make her the next American Idol judge after Ellen quit and that other chick got fired. Today, is she no longer being considered. Why? Because it’s Jennifer Lopez of course. People reports:

“Her demands got out of hand,” says the source. “Fox had just had enough.” A rep for Lopez did not immediately return calls for comment.

Jennifer Lopez never ever disappoints when it comes to telling the world how great Jennifer Lopez is, so I can imagine these negotiations. Please keep in mind that Simon Cowell made $36M to be a judge on the show in 2008, yet they can’t stay in a room with this egotistical cunt for a week without looking for cyanide capsules. Despite being completely irrelevant, she routinely asks for stores to be shut down so she can shop alone and when she had her Dragon Tales kids, she reportedly demanded the hospital be under a Code Pink. Seriously, the only thing Lopez should be judging is the as-of-yet Univision show “So You Think You Can Mexican Bean Bag Dance?”