Lady Gaga Is A Genius

“Because if it wasn’t for all of you immigrants, this country wouldn’t have shit.”

Lady Gaga really is the supreme social critic of our time. I always take political advice from gender-neutrals who think they are God’s gift to the music world and use their fame as a soapbox. Or, you know, the opposite of all that. Of course this country is founded in immigration. That isn’t the argument! Arizona’s SB 1070 just enforces a federal law that was already in place… something every state should be doing. The U.S. welcomes immigrants- but only those who do so through the proper channels. The illegal (that’s the operative word here, people) immigrants this bill targets are those that steal identities to get jobs, don’t pay taxes on those earned wages, and send the money back to Mexico, taking it out of our economy. Now I’ll put that in terms Gaga can understand- RA RA GO GO HO-OME!