Angelina Jolie Is Shocking

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In the issue of Star Magazine on stands today, Angelina Jolie is seen in “eight never-before-seen graphic photos” doing heroin while wearing a dog leash and nipple tape. I don’t know if Star Magazine missed the whole point of this or not, but I can’t be the only one turned on right now.

In one set, the now-mother of six has black tape over her nipples and a dog leash around her neck. Others show her during a 14-hour heroin-smoking bender. “The photographs are a startling reminder to Angelina of a period in her life I’m sure she wants to forget, a shady piece of her history that she’s kept hidden away, even from Brad,” celebrity biographer Andrew Morton, author of Angelina: An Unauthorized Biography, tells Star in our cover story.

Really? That’s it? Heroin and a dog leash? It’s Angelina Jolie in 1999. Just be glad these aren’t pictures of her sucking off a horse and drinking the blood of a homeless while reading from the Necronomicon.