This Is Mel Gibson’s Only Friend

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Britney Spears and Mel Gibson have apparently been having late night talks. I’m not gonna lie, I would pay CASH money to hear this. iNTouch Weekly reports:

You could call them Hollywood’s Odd Couple: Mel Gibson’s unlikely ally in his bitter legal battle with former girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva is troubled pop star Britney Spears! The “Toxic” singer, 28, has been telling pals that Mel, 54, has been pouring his heart out to her — confiding that he fears for his sanity and is convinced he’s destroyed his once-hot career. “Mel has been talking to her a lot,” a friend of the singer’s tells In Touch. “They speak on the phone all the time, usually late at night.” Britney’s may seem like an unlikely shoulder for the Braveheart star to cry on, but the pop star’s pal says she is simply returning the favor to the actor, who went out of his way to help her when she went through her own breakdown. “Mel was one of the only people who reached out to help Britney when she was at her lowest point, and she believes that demonstrates what a loving and wonderful man he is,” says the friend. “She wants people to give him a second chance — just like he gave her one when everyone else turned away.”

I don’t know if pouring your heart out to an overweight, meth-addicted single mother of two whose under psychiatric care and a court-ordered babysitter would be considered rock bottom, but Mel Gibson might want to go ahead and kill himself. Britney’s mind would be blown if you told her cats have grandparents and butterflies aren’t actually made out of butter, so I can’t shake the feeling that Britney spends most of her anytime minutes asking Mel how to pronounce the ingredients on her Cheetos bag.