Paris Hilton Really Likes Weed

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For the second time this month, Paris Hilton has been detained overseas for possession of marijuana. This weekend, she was held on the French island of Corsica with less than a gram of marijuana in her purse Us reports:

The Corse-Matin newspaper reports the heiress, 29, was held after arriving at the Figari airport from Paris and released without charge. The paper adds Hilton was traveling with “people close to power in Malaysia” and was en route to Sardinia, Italy. On Saturday afternoon, Hilton took to Twitter to address the claim. “Just to put an end to these rumors. The stories saying I have been arrested are completely false!” she wrote. “I am having the best vacation of my life! What an amazing summer! I feel so blessed and grateful for everything. I Love Life!!”

It’s common knowledge that Paris Hilton smokes weed to ease the pain of her left eye melting off her face, but I’m a little confused by something. She was traveling with “people close to power in Malaysia”? What does that mean? Was one of the people carrying a car battery they were taking to hook up to their hut? I don’t get it. You see? Because people in other countries are poor! Hahhaha!