Lindsay Isn’t Concerned

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HILARIOUS UPDATE: While Lindsay was in the courtroom elevator, her freckled ass got served with legal papers in a civil suit by a process server working for Tough As Nails, a company that Lindsay owes $17,000 for clothes and accessories. “MUAHAHAHAHA!!!”, God was overheard as saying.

Lindsay is in court as I’m typing this, but don’t worry. Everything will be okay.

Multiple sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ … as far as Lindsay’s concerned, any missteps she may have made in the past are completely cured. She’s now up to date on all her alcohol ed classes, so, she thinks, what’s the big deal? What Lindsay does not understand is that Judge Revel could indeed throw her in the pokey for missing three alcohol ed classes as of her last court appearance. And the whole thing of not showing up in court because the dog/thief ate her passport could be a deal breaker as well. The people close to her tell us … Lindsay has become so accustomed to good lawyers bailing her out of seemingly impossible situations, she simply expects the same thing to happen again. As one source put it, “Shawn [her lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley] will just fix this like everything else.” The source adds, “It’s no big deal to her, even though she totally believes Judge Revel hates her guts.” But even if Lindsay gets thrown in the pokey, people close to her think she’d be fine. As one source put it, “She is one tough bitch. She can hold her own.”

As much as I hate to say this, Lindsay has a point. She’s had multiple DUIs, been found with cocaine, has been on video snorting coke in a bathroom, had her picture taken with coke on the table next to her, has fled the scene of a crime, and has stolen from everywhere that’ll let her through the door. And she’s spent a total of 84 minutes in jail. I would cut my own heart out of my chest and set it on fire while I blew Adam Lambert if Lindsay’s father was named Abdul right now.