Lady Gaga Is Shocking!

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In an interview with Japanese magazine Giselle, Lady Gaga reveals a shocking secret that may spin the world off its axis! Not really.

Lady Gaga declares she is bisexual as she appears on the cover of Japanese magazine Giselle. The ‘Pokerface’ singer appears on the latest issue of the publication with her hair in her trademark bow. Inside she says she could easily get with a girl but looks for relationships with men. “I am bisexual,” she says. “I can go out with girls but in my opinion, love and sex are different.”

My heavens, I might just have to clutch my pearls and fan myself, because what is this “bisexual” stuff she’s talking about? Does that mean a girl has sex with another girl? What is this new godless heathen talk? People don’t do that. I bet next she’s gonna tell me that people drink pasteurized milk and drive around in something called motorized cars. What, are we in outer space?! What is all this mumbo jumbo?!