Audrina Patridge’s Stalker Pleads No Contest

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A 25-year old man, Zachary Loring, pleaded no contest yesterday to stalking unclear as to why piece of ass, Audrina Patridge. Loring repeatedly went to Patridge’s house and once left her a package of letters which included a picture of a woman being strangled. How romantic!

A man arrested outside Audrina Patridge’s home has pleaded no contest to stalking “The Hills” star and will undergo psychiatric evaluation. Deputy District Attorney Wendy Segall says Zachary Loring entered the plea Monday in Los Angeles and will undergo a 90-day diagnostic evaluation before being sentenced. If found competent, he could be sentenced to up to two years in state prison.

Man, what’s up with this dude? Can’t he find anybody smarter to stalk? Sophie Turner has a law degree and when I’m digging through her trash when I think she’s asleep, sometimes she comes out and we talk about music and the arts. Or, you know, just how she’s doing. The police car window is pretty thick, but I think her heart understands what I’m saying.