Lady Gaga Is Very Friendly

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The dude known as Lady Gaga goes out of her way to make you believe that she loves her fans, calling them Little Monsters and repeatedly tweeting that she would die for them. That of course is until she’s sees a fan then she really can’t be bothered. Earlier last month, a 15-year old leukemia patient wrote Lady Gaga and told her Gaga’s music helped her. I’m not real scientific, but I do know that bedazzled microphones and songs about telephones don’t cure leukemia, so unfortunately the little girl died. But not before Gaga and Perez could milk it for everything it was worth on Twitter. I’m pretty much rambling now, but I guess the point I’m trying to make is fuck this bitch. NY Post reports:

Lady Gaga continued her unladylike behavior at Asia de Cuba over the weekend. She dined with about 20 people at the Morgans Hotel restaurant dressed in a see-through gown with a nude veil. A fellow diner at a distant table slyly took her picture. “Gaga became noticeably upset, pushed her security team out of the way to confront the shutterbug and demanded he delete the photo,” said a witness. The snapper obliged and Gaga cooled off and returned to dinner.

Whatever. The only picture I want to see of this freak is the one that Shannon Price is trying to sell.

There’s no way in hell I’m posting pictures of this visual dry heave, and due to events this weekend, I’m a really big fan of blondes now, so here’s new IDLYITW favorite Sophie Turner. Her ass is a higher truth. You’re welcome: