Lindsay Isn’t Wanted On True Blood

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Lindsay Lohan couldn’t get a job playing Lindsay Lohan, so imagine what happened after she’s been basically all over her Twitter begging to be on the show.

Lindsay Lohan can drink all the True Blood she wants, but it doesn’t sound like the hit HBO series is very interested in having her on the show. “Not in the forseeable future,” Ryan Kwanten told E! last night at Sony Playstation’s Move Lounge when asked whether Linds could be a guest star. Ouch! Just last night, LL was counting down to the season three premiere on her Twitter and even celebrating with a True Blood themed ice cream cake.

Besides Dexter and Breaking Bad, True Blood is the best show on television right now, so good luck trying to get Lindsay anywhere near this set. She wouldn’t even get a chance to offer the cast a blowjob before they opened fire.

Banner pic caption: “You, my hotel. 1:20. You, 1:30. Bring a friend.”