January Jones Is Having A Good Week

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Two days after her walk of shame, January Jones hit three parked cars last night. Oh, you know, then walked away. No big deal.

LAPD tells TMZ January was driving a Range Rover around 9PM when she allegedly lost control, hit the other cars and caused some major damage. We’re told a witness reported the accident to police and claimed that January fled on foot after saying, “I can’t deal with this commotion.” Police tell us that while officers were on scene investigating January returned and claimed she fled because paparazzi were trailing her. January was not cited or arrested, but her car was impounded and police have launched an investigation. Police say no alcohol or drugs were involved.

This is the part where I would say something about women drivers here, but January Jones is hot and I’m liking this newfound crazy. She’s in LA, so she should be fine. She hit three parked cars, fled the scene, came back, but was not arrested or given a ticket of any kind. But, you know, the LAPD has launched an investigation. Man, I hope they get to the bottom of this! When asked for comment about her co-star’s recent troubles, Christina Hendricks replied, “Hey, you gonna finish that?”

January Jones and Jessica Stroup at some event my penis wishes he knew about earlier.