Kelly Brook Is Posing For Playboy

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I have no idea why it took so long, but Kelly Brook just signed a $500,000 deal to pose for Playboy. Daily Mail reports:

The 30-year-old, who boasts a 34E cup size, will pose for arty and tasteful nude shots on a shoot in the Mediterranean later this month. Her agent Jonathan Shalit told the Mail Online that Kelly was delighted to have been chosen. He said: She’s absolutely thrilled. It’s such a great honour for her, especially when you think about the icons that have graced the cover of the magazine over the years.’..Speaking to the Sun, a source said: ‘This is a huge opportunity for Kelly who is without doubt one of the world’s most beautiful women. Playboy is an iconic publication which is known across the world as a sophisticated title. ‘It’s a real honour to be asked to do Playboy as obviously they are very picky about who they want. ‘And by the same token it’s a real coup for Playboy as there probably isn’t a red-blooded male who won’t be looking forward to pictures.’

Let’s not get carried away here. It hasn’t been an honor to pose in Playboy for a while. They asked Tara Reid, Heidi Montag, and Aubey O’Day to get naked before Kelly Brook for godsakes. Basically, Playboy is lame. Just like her photoshoot is gonna be. Do I sound bitter? Someone hug me.