Lindsay Is Committed To Recovery

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Last week, Lindsay Lohan was told in plain English that if she drank alcohol or did drugs she would go to jail. So, you’d think she’d stay away from bars and clubs. We might want to check with her lawyer, but I bet Bar Marmont and Las Palmas just opened up all night libraries inside. TMZ reports:

With a SCRAM bracelet strapped to her leg, Lindsay Lohan threw herself back into the thick of temptation last night — barhopping throughout Hollywood until 2 AM. Though we didn’t see her with an alcoholic beverage — and it appears the SCRAM bracelet hasn’t been triggered — Lindsay hit Bar Marmont around midnight, and then rolled over to Las Palmas, where she partied ’til the bar closed.

Man, I wonder if she’ll try to tamper with the SCRAM device. Wait, you mean like she did last time? US Magazine reports:

Being shackled with an alcohol-monitoring anklet doesn’t mean Lindsay Lohan won’t try to tipple. A source says the actress, 23, who wore one in 2007, has claimed she “put tea tree oil on to fool it.” Says Pasadena Recovery Center’s Shirley Bennett, “Addicts will use anything with alcohol to set it off, so they can say, ‘Oh, I wasn’t drinking. It’s my perfume!'” Another Lohan strategy: using a paperclip to jam the signal. But L.A. criminal defense attorney Decio Rangel Jr. notes: “She could go to jail” if caught.

Oviously technology designed to detect alcohol and the threat of jail time doesn’t seem to scare Lindsay, so instead of a SCRAM device, they should frame Lindsay for the Bakersfield Massacre and send her to labor camp where she would be forced to wear a neck collar that’ll explode if she goes near a bar. Then make her fight Subzero and Buzzsaw. I’m not an alcohol counselor, but I think that just might work.

Lindsay at Las Palmas: