Britney Is Immortal

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Britney is functionally retarded, so I’m sure this sounds like a good idea to the voices in her head. The Sun reports:

The eccentric star wants her body preserved in LIQUID NITROGEN so future generations can enjoy her dance routines in red plastic catsuits. Britney is so enamoured by the idea – “cryogenic” freezing – that she’s investing in a firm specialising in it…A pal of the star said: “Brit gets these obsessions and this is the latest. “It started when someone told her Walt Disney had been preserved by cryogenics to be revived in the future. That was a myth but it got her researching the foundation and she became convinced it was worth a shot. “Brit found the whole thing so interesting she spent most of her Mother’s Day trip to Disneyland researching the subject on the internet while a nanny took the boys round the park. “She looked into having her ashes turned into diamonds after she is gone but settled on the chance of getting to live in the future.” But before she invests loads of cash, she has to convince her dad Jamie, who currently holds the purse strings. The source went on: “Jamie is quite happy to let Brit have her little obsessions, especially when it means she’s holed up on the internet safely or watching the Discovery Channel.

This seems like way to much money to spend on this. Somebody just tell Britney to borrow some money from Jabba the Hutt and not pay it back. It’s a win-win.