It’s A Celebration, Bitch

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Lindsay needed another reason to party, so when somebody paid her $10,000 bail, Lindsay returned the favor by partying on a yacht all last night.

Beverly Hills’ flakiest probationee got off a yacht in Cannes this morning — at around 7:30 AM to be specific … after a night of partying. Sources tell TMZ Lindsay has booked a flight that will take her back to L.A. tomorrow, but who knows if she’ll actually board. We’re told Lindsay is asking around for a private jet to ferry her home. So far, no one is biting. Lindsay is scheduled to be in court on Monday at 8:30 AM — but we’re filing that under “Believe it when we see it.”

I really don’t need to go into how the world would be a better place if somebody summoned the Kraken to snatch this piece of shit off the yacht, but I would like to focus your attention to the banner picture. Man, I wonder what that could be? Seeing chopped up lines next to Lindsay Lohan is like seeing police raids outside Home Depot in Arizona. You just kinda expect it at this point.

Note: Sorry about my MS Paint skills. I’m obviously no Perez.