Lindsay Has It All Figured Out

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A judge has basically told Lindsay Lohan that if she doesn’t complete her 13 required traffic school classes by Thursday she will go to jail. Lindsay has completed 9. So, trying to remain in full compliance with the court’s orders, Lindsay went to Cannes and got drunk instead. TMZ reports:

As TMZ first reported, Lohan has completed nine traffic school classes out of the required 13. Her DUI progress report hearing is Thursday and she’s in France. Lohan, who is clearly living in the world of denial, says she needs a few more weeks to fully complete her traffic school obligations. The judge has made it clear — Thursday is D-day, and if she is in violation of probation LiLo is going to jail. And, if Lindsay is shy of 13 on Thursday, the judge will almost certainly issue a warrant for her arrest if she doesn’t show up for court.

I hope nobody is surprised that Lindsay would completely bail on her responsibilities while at the same time justifying her actions in her cracked out mind. At this point, maybe Lindsay should kidnap a baby or get a tattoo with a needle she found in an alley. You know, to fully drive the point home that she may not be the best at making life decisions.

All that’s missing from this video is the Goblin King and a dark crystal to complete this world of delusion and fantasies that don’t exist: