Cheryl Cole Is “Gagging” For Sex

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Despite being one of the hottest women in the world, she separated from her husband of six years, soccer player Ashley Cole, because he cheated on her with five women. Now she’s ready for any penis within a fifty mile radius.

X FACTOR judge CHERYL COLE has told pals she’s gagging for it now she is over love rat hubby ASHLEY. The singer – on tour with the BLACK EYED PEAS – has spoken of her desires as a “hot-blooded woman” three months after dumping Chelsea star Ashley. A source said: “Cheryl has had the dancers on tour in hysterics telling them in her broad Geordie accent that she’s ‘gagging for it’. “Sex was the last thing on her mind when she was coming to terms with her relationship ending. “But now she’s over it, she wants a smile back on her face.” Gorgeous Cheryl isn’t short of admirers. Black Eyed Peas star WILL.I.AM has made no secret of his crush on the star – but she says he’s “like a brother” to her.

Man, this really works out for me, because Cheryl Cole and I have a lot in common. WILL.I.AM is a brother to me too! Wait, I don’t think that’s what she meant.