Brooklyn Decker Makes Jennifer Aniston Cry

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In Just Go With It, the new Sandler movie now filming in Hawaii, Jennifer Aniston’s fading media-created hotness is once again completely overmatched by her co-star, Brooklyn Decker. So of course, Jennifer Aniston’s constant need and insecurity has made her a whiny, difficult bitch on set. To recap, Brooklyn Decker is insanely hot, was discovered in a mall in Charlotte, NC, and is married to Andy Roddick, the only American male tennis player ranked in the top 10. Jennifer Aniston is not hot, and thanks to being born to actor John Aniston and actress Nancy Dow, Aniston’s fame was handed to her. Yet she couldn’t even carry a movie if the only thing she was allergic to was kryptonite. If somebody was drunk enough to marry her and get her pregnant, she could maybe get a job at MILF Hunter. The ORIGINAL reality porn site dedicated to MILFs and mature sex! Most credit cards accepted.