Michael Lohan Is Disgusted

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Lindsay Lohan is set to star as cock-swallowing Linda Lovelace in the upcoming movie, Inferno, and while it seems like good casting to me, her dad doesn’t really thing so.

“Oh, I don’t even want to go there!” he told UsMagazine.com Friday at the Hassle at the Castle Charity Boxing Event in NYC. Asked if he thinks the move will hurt her career, he snapped, “What do you think? Come on! Seriously – why? She did Parent Trap, Confessions [of a Teenage Drama Queen], Freaky Friday, Mean Girls, Just My Luck and Herbie. And you know what? Georgia Rule was a fantastic movie. People don’t give her credit for it, but that was one of her best acting jobs. But I mean, she started with Parent Trap and now this? Why? Who makes these decisions? If I was there, it would never happen, believe me. There’s no way to resurrect your career after that. So many people have come to me with offers for Lindsay for great family-style films, general audience kind of releases, but you know … whatever.” “The girl is such an amazing, talented, gifted and loving person,” he told Us of his daughter. “She’s been consumed by the people, the lifestyle, but you know what? Don’t give up hope. I am telling you now, if she gets the help that she needs, she is going to be right back on top, just like Robert Downey Jr.”

I really don’t give a shit about this story, so I’ll just say that your discerning eye might deduce that this post contains no pictures of Michael Lohan or Lindsay Lohan, yet it contains Megan Fox in a bikini with her tongue out and licking stuff. Why yes, yes it does. If that’s a problem for you, you can always go back to bedazzling your doll’s dresses and drawing a picture of you and Robert Pattinson on a unicorn, you big fag.