Meet Adriana Lima’s Daughter

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Valentina Lima Jaric was born on November 15th, but People just got the first pic and interview with her hot ass mom.

She’s found success on the runway, but supermodel Adriana Lima says there’s another career she finds even more satisfying: Motherhood. “The best job in the world for me is being a mom,” the Brazilian beauty, 28, tells PEOPLE. “I never thought I could love so much. I always thought, does unconditional love exist? Now I know it does because I feel it.” Lima, who welcomed daughter Valentina Lima Jaric Nov. 15, says becoming a parent has “really changed me completely. I am, in my head, more mature, more secure. And, you know, it changed completely the priorities in [my] life.” “You feel so strong,” she adds. “It’s such a wonderful feeling.”

*Todd takes time machine to 2028 and lands outside Adriana’s house* “Hey there, sweetie. Just you and your mom home? Heh heh alllllriiiiggghhhttt.”