Lindsay Is Screwed. Figuratively This Time.

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Last week, Lindsay Lohan failed to show up for her deposition relating to her 2007 car chase. The court rescheduled it for Tuesday, and you’re not gonna believe this, but Lindsay didn’t show up again. Man, I wonder what’s going to happen now?

TMZ has learned … the people suing Lindsay Lohan over a wild ride down Pacific Coast Highway now want a judge to throw the book at her for being a no-show at her deposition. Lawyers for three passengers in Lindsay’s car — along with the passenger in the car Lindsay was chasing — are going to court Thursday morning, asking a judge not only to force Lindsay to sit for her depo … but they also want a default judgment against Lindsay for failing to appear. As TMZ first reported, Lindsay bailed on her depo last week and then again Tuesday — she had things to do and people to see, and she couldn’t get a ride.

That sounds like a plan. Just pretend it never happened. That’s sure to work. I’m sure when the courtroom sketch artist pictures will show Lindsay sticking her head in a box of sand or covering her eyes and shaking her head really fast.