Jennifer Aniston To Make A Whole Movie Suck, Not Just Her Part

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Since she was part of an ensemble cast on Friends and has been carried in movies by her more talented co-stars, Jennifer Aniston is ready to take the next step. And by “next step” I don’t mean staring in the mirror and saying, “My God, I suck at this. Maybe I should do something else. Nobody pays to see my movies. My parts in Office Space and Bruce Almighty could have been played by a donkey in a mariachi outfit and would have still made money. I should probably kill myself. Totally. I should kill myself, right?” National Enquirer reports:

Like everyone else in Hollywood, what Jen really wants to do is – direct. Inspired by pal Drew Barrymore’s tyro directorial debut, Jen revealed, “I have a project in development I’m going to direct. “After you get enough movies under your belt you sit back and go, ‘What’s next?’ “It’s getting to a time where creatively I want to turn in a different direction.”

If she really wants to creatively “turn in a different direction”, I can send directions to acting classes to her GPS. She’s only A-list by proxy, and if she had never married Brad Pitt, she’d be second alternate for a production of Oklahoma! at Tony’s Dinner Theater And Lawn Mower Repair. The only thing she should be directing is traffic outside a multiplex playing an Angelina Jolie movie.