Lindsay Is On Top Of The World

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In July 2007, Lindsay Lohan got drunk and carjacked a Denali and took the three passengers down PCH doing 100mph to chase down her assistant who just quit. When she caught up with the car, she started doing circles around the car in the middle of PCH. While the passengers pleaded with her to stop, Lindsay was quoting as saying, “I can’t get in trouble. I’m a celebrity. I can do whatever the fuck I want.” When police arrived at the scene, Lindsay nearly fell over taking the field sobriety test. The deposition for this incident was yesterday, but Lindsay Lohan claimed she was too busy to attend. Apparently going shopping then having to be carried out of Bar 210 is more fun than depositions. TMZ reports:

Just hours after Lindsay bailed on an important deposition — where she was supposed to answer accusations stemming from an alleged alcohol-fueled car chase in 2007 — LiLo was seen browsing in a Beverly Hills clothing boutique. Lindsay claimed she was too busy to attend the all-day deposition … and who’s to say shopping doesn’t count?

I’m not really sure what people were expecting. It’s Lindsay Lohan. She’s a fuck up. The only way to get her to a deposition is to leave a trail of cocaine and condoms and tell her “deposition” is a German word for ass to mouth.