Britney Spears Is A Hero

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Britney Spears is basically high or coming off a sugar rush all the time, so I guess that’s why she insisted that “untouched” photos of her Candie’s ads be released to the public. OMG, I’m so turned on right now! The Daily Mail reports:

Britney Spears has allowed the pre-airbrushed images from a shoot she took part in for fashion firm Candie’s to be used ALONGSIDE the digitally-altered ones, so people can see the difference. The 29-year-old singer made the extraordinary move in order to highlight the pressure exerted on women to look perfect. In the first shot, she is seen facing the camera with her arms behind her back. Imperfections that can be clearly seen in the un-airbrushed shot include blemishes on her calf, her larger thighs and, if you look really closely, you can see her feet have dry skin on them. The airbrushed pictures, however, tell a different story with a slimmed-down waist and flawless, skinny legs. Meanwhile, in the second picture, she is seen from the back – in the un-airbrushed shot she has areas of cellulite on the back of her thighs, a tattoo on her lower back (sometimes called a ‘tramp stamp’) is clearly visible and her backside is a little out of shape. However, in the altered photo all of these imperfections have been wiped out – and she appears to have a pert rear, unrealistically smooth skin, slimmer legs and the tattoo has vanished.

Man, I wonder why women feel pressure to be perfect? Could it be the billion other pictures of Britney Spears that were airbrushed and digitally enhanced with alien technology? Could it be that now she’s 30 that she realizes she has about 5 good years left? Could Hurley actually hold the key to the survivor’s escaping the island? We just might never know!