Beyonce Is Pregnant. Maybe.

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Don’t care. Awesome. Popeater reports:

Prepare the bassinet and ready the Diaper Genie, the Internet is once again claiming that Beyonce is pregnant. Media Takeout is reporting that the songstress is expecting her first child with rapper hubby Jay-Z. But should we believe the hype? The couple, who married in 2008 following a six-year courtship, have been plagued by pregnancy rumors since they starred together in the 2002 video for ‘Bonnie & Clyde.’ However — as evidenced by their current lack of children — the rumors have repeatedly turned out to be unfounded. Media outlets and fans alike routinely scrutinized every inch of B’s body searching for a baby bump — only to later learn she decided to have a big sandwich that day, or forgot to hit the gym. And lest we forget, B does revel in being ‘Bootylicious.’ Although we aren’t necessarily inclined to believe the reports of the couple’s impending baby bliss, Beyonce’s official events calendar is conspicuously blank, and MTO’s report of the pregnancy has not yet been denied by Beyonce’s rep.

Whatever. Beyonce always looks pregnant, so who knows if this is real or not. I just hope they wait to have a baby until scientists colonize Mars, because I’m sure the baby’s nose won’t have any problem getting oxygen in that atmosphere.