Jessica Simpson Is A Ratings Bonanza

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God knows why Jessica Simpson steps on stage, in a recording studio, on a movie set at this point, because her career is basically like a plane flying into a mountain. But fresh off her John Mayer controversy, her new reality show, The Price of Beauty, was supposed to change all that. You know, except not. LA Times reports:

Just 1 million viewers tuned in to the Monday premiere of Jessica Simpson’s “The Price of Beauty,” a new VH1 documentary series chronicling her journey around the world in search of what beauty means in different cultures. To put that in perspective, the premiere was beat by far less-hyped programming on cable, everything from a rerun of “NCIS,” a TruTV series called “Operation Rep” and BET’s “Rip the Runway” to Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” and History Channel’s “Pawn Stars.” The results are surprising: John Mayer had put Simpson back in the spotlight when he compared the former couple’s bedroom activity to “sexual napalm” in an interview for Playboy magazine. And Simpson herself went all out to promote the show — Oprah and David Letterman had her on earlier this month — speaking candidly with anyone who would listen to her talk about Mayer’s comments, being called fat in the media and her return to television (Simpson’s first since MTV’s “Newlyweds”). Ratings for “Price of Beauty” even paled in comparison to VH1’s last high-profile launch, the reality series “Fantasia For Real,” which last month debuted to 2.3 million viewers.

Instead of flying Jessica Simpson to exotic locations to discuss beauty and ask for directions to the nearest buffet, VH1 should just film me feeding my three-legged cat or somebody shoveling hundreds into a volcano. Because obviously VH1 doesn’t feel the need to worry about ratings. Unless programming decisions at VH1 are made with a magic eight ball or a Ouija board, there’s no other way to explain hiring this idiot