OMG You So Sexxxy Britneeeee!!!

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Britney Spears went shopping for a Maserati yesterday and I’m not sure if the dealership contacted any methodone clinics to see if they had been robbed earlier that day when they saw her walk onto the lot, but I hope this picture makes you realize that all that Britney needs isn’t for people to leave her alone so she can make her comeback you’ve been talking about for five years. Because in reality, what this bitch really needs is a hot oil treatment, some sand paper Biore strips, and a fucking bra. She looks like a soccer mom whose been dead for two weeks. Having sex with Britney Spears at this point would be like having sex with that dog in Marley & Me or a 10-year old Thai boy I found at the circus. Sure, it would get me on the news, but not really for the reasons I would like to be.