Lady Gaga Is In Mourning

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When fashion designer Alexander McQueen killed himself I acknowledged it and wrote a paragraph about it, but Lady Gaga has decided to take it a step further. And by “a step further”, I mean making the 2010 Brit Awards all about her because she’s just so sad. The Sun reports:

LADY GAGA has thrown the Brits ceremony into chaos by ditching her performance plans at the last minute. The American oddball claims she is too traumatised by the death of designer ALEXANDER McQUEEN to continue as planned. She feels a fun-packed turn tonight would not fit with the sadness she is feeling at the moment. Instead, she has used hours of rehearsal time – which should have gone to other artists – working on a stripped-down set. GaGa is threatening to appear on stage alone in a black leotard to sing acoustic versions of Telephone and lesser-known album track Dance In The Dark. In her original plan she was due to drive on stage in a beaten-up car packed with musical instruments, wearing a “water dress” – which no one has seen – to perform a medley of hits including Poker Face. A backstage source at London’s Earls Court said: “GaGa’s final choreography was finished ages ago. “The whole performance was ready to go. But when she turned up for final rehearsals on Monday she announced she is too upset about Alexander McQueen to do that performance. “She says she’s changing everything. She wants to wear an all-black outfit and do sombre versions of her music as a tribute to him.”

Seriously. Fuck this pretentious cunt. Was she in the room when he blew his head off or overdosed on Pop Rocks or however gay people kill themselves? No? Then how about just get on stage monkey and sing your retarded ass songs about how every guy wants to bang you although you look like something still fused to a rock at Chernobyl. I’m sure McQueen will appreciate the black leotard, because if anything says somber, it’s a leotard, but if you can have someone remind you that you are an Italian Grace Jones with a nose job that would be great.