Eliza Dushku Has A Stalker

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Um, yeah. ONTD says:

A Shoreview man obsessed with TV star Eliza Dushku drove to California with plans to deliver four scripts he had written to her at a charity benefit. The scripts, written over many months, were for her canceled science fiction drama “Dollhouse”. The charity event was canceled and the man was reported missing but later found somewhere in L.A. Tore Simonsen, 37, was a successful lawyer until he took off to L.A behind his family’s back. He was flown home by his sister however his car is still somewhere in L.A. with the scripts still in the trunk. The man now lives in a homeless shelter in Minneapolis and has made it his mission to save Eliza Dushku’s show “Dollhouse”. He is currently involved in some legal drama as he sought an order against Catholic Charities homeless shelter — they wouldn’t allow him to hand out Dollhouse fliers or to take their picture. Catholic Charities requested a continuance, which the judge granted, so the judicial hearing is delayed until Feb. 11.

I’ve never seen an episode of Dollhouse, but apparently it emits an insidious transmission through your TV that turns you into dumbass. That’s why my foster mother only lets me watch porn. She even makes me cookies before we watch it. I don’t know what’s in them but they make me really sleepy because she knows I don’t like naptime. She loves me so much!