Brit Brit Iz Back H8rZ

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I’ve been getting emails for five years telling me that “OMG suck it h8rZ briT BriT is comin back she iz tHe Qu33n of music!! She iz gettin in shape and her new CD iz the best and she will domonatttee tHe radio again bitchessss!!!”. None of this has actually happened of course, but for some reason Britney was invited to the Grammys where her dumpy ass and receding hairline wore the most provocative dress of 1993. And before you email me, please remember that you are defending a psychotic, talentless drug addict who voluntarily gave up her kids to stay famous then proved how much she loved them by holding them hostage. A singer whose actual singing voice has to be filtered through alien technology and magic and is only famous because guys wanted to fuck her from 1999 to 2003. I hope that clears up any misconceptions you might have.

NOTE: And you thought I was kidding:

“laugh all you want BritBrit is a game changer. she doesnt wear the clothes, she makes them iconic statements. thats what this is.

BritBrit is a fashion icon and fashion icons arnt understood by the mass idiots who wear snuggies and crocs. she just left the rehearsal studio and shows up ready to rock!!!!!!!

and the nexxt day everyone wants to work their wardrobe the same way- YOU WISH.

rock lives on with Britney! all of the h8rz forget how to rock. Britney spends her days rockin it and livin it 4 reelz on the edge!!!!!!!!!!!”