Rihanna Will Never Learn

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On February 8, 2009 Rihanna got repeatedly punched in the face and choked out by her then boyfriend Chris Brown after Rihanna had the audacity to ask him the name of the woman he was texting. So, of course, the next man that she gives her heart to will be patient, kind, understanding, a believer of open communication and mutual respect, right? Um, that would be a no. New Kerala says:

Rihanna, 21, is currently dating LA Dodgers star Matt Kemp, and an ex-girlfriend of his, actress Felisha Terrell, 30, has revealed his violent past and claims that she took a restraining order out against him in June 2008. “He is violent and I am afraid. He repeatedly made me scared and gets in my face. He is threatening to take all the items I purchased and try to destroy my property,” the Mirror quoted her as saying. “He brings his friends driving up and down the street to try and intimidate me. I am very fearful. He has other people calling me and stalking me,” she added. Terrell had in her application for the restraining order claimed that Matt was “kicked out of a club for fighting with a woman – I am afraid his behaviour will turn towards me since we are no longer dating”.

Jesus, really? You got beat like a Gosselin kid when it’s time for the camera battery to recharge, so the next guy you date stalked his girlfriend like Jason? Awesome. Why not just date one of those boxing kangaroos or a bear trap? Seems like you could move the relationship along a little more faster that way.