Everytime I Come Around Yo City

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After dating for a year, Ottawa Senators’ Mike Fisher proposed to Carrie Underwood this weekend. People reports

Carrie Underwood certainly has a lot to smile about this holiday season. The newly engaged 26 year-old country singer turned up at her fiancé Ottawa Senators hockey player Mike Fisher’s game last night flashing some major sparkle on her left hand. A spokesperson from the Diamond Information Center estimates the brilliant round diamond comes in at whopping five-plus carats, with an estimated value of close to $150,000. Whew! Underwood, who famously declared her affection for her beau in the liner notes of her recent album, Play On (“I love you so much!” she wrote. “You make my life better in every way! I thank God for you every day.”), accepted Fisher’s proposal on Sunday, following a year-long courtship.

My penis really needs to be in traction right now, but more to the point, $150K?! I mean Carrie Underwood is hot and all, but damn dude. Unless her vagina can accurately predict the stock market or has a Blu-Ray player, that might be a little much. For a chick. Not for me of course. If it cost less than twenty it don’t look right on me.

WTF UPDATE: The ring is 12 carats and is worth $1.3M