Tiger Hit This Too

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Hey, why not? Star Magazine reports:

Just days before Jessica’s split with Tony Romo, she had a sizzling meeting with the fallen golf star at the AT&T National Pro-Am golf tournament in Bethesda, Md. “Tiger liked what he saw and let her know it,” a source tells Star. Since Jess had been fighting with Tony — who was Tiger’s golf partner at the July tournament — she gave as good as she got. “Jessica said that she felt like Tony wasn’t paying attention to her, so she was like, ‘What the heck!’ ” says the source. “She decided to have fun with Tiger whether it bothered Tony or not.” Phone numbers were exchanged — email addresses too.

Jessica Simpson is a bottomless pit of need and insecurity so she’d probably let you do A2M if you said her dress was pretty, so I have no reason not to believe this. Mostly because Tiger Woods’ penis is Cujo and any vagina within 50 yards is a single mom and a little boy with asthma.