Lindsay Lohan Did Not Save 40 Kids

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Lindsay Lohan lives in a magical world of delusion and self-importance, so when she visited India to film a BBC documentary on child-trafficking, she of course believed she single-high-handedly saved 40 children. Telegraph reports:

In a series of posts on Twitter, Lohan, who has undergone treatment for alcohol abuse, appeared to boast of her role in the rescue and suggested that it had changed her life. “Over *40 children saved* so far…… Within one day’s work…… This is what life is about….. Doing THIS is a life worth living!!!” she said. She later added: “Focusing on celebrities and lies is so disconcerting, when we can be changing the world one child at a time…. hope everyone can see that.”

However, according to leading social activist and lawyer, Bhuwan, yeah…um, that would be a no.

She was not even in the country when this raid happened,” he said. “We’ll be complaining to the BBC and talking to our lawyers … Would Lohan know where these workshops are?” Ruchira Gupta, an anti-trafficking campaigner, said: “If celebrities do it to get publicity then they are trivialising child-trafficking.”

Why someone would send Lindsay’s compromised immune system to India to be around kids is not a question I can answer right now, but I would like to ask if these corduroy pants make my ass look hot? If so, let me know and I’ll change. I have a model train convention coming up and I want them to take me serious.

Lindsay in LAX after her flight from India: