Seriously, Bitch?

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My buddy Elizabeth might read from the Necronomicon if I don’t become a Lady Gaga fan soon, but I might as well cut off my own hand and put a chainsaw on it now, because there’s no way in hell that will ever happen. And the banner picture is a reason why. Lady Gaga was chosen to perform at the Royal Variety performance last night where she then got to meet Queen Elizabeth II. And this is what she wore. This. She looks like one of Darth Vader’s guards after gender reassignment surgery. She’s a broke ass Ziggy Stardust. If I was the Queen and I saw this walk up to me, I wouldn’t even wait to unleash my cyborg werewolves because obviously this is some sort of ambassador of an alien race seeking to colonize Earth and turn it into a Banana Republic. Because gay people shop there, you see.