Those Goody-Goody Smurfs Make Me Sick!

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Apparently making fun of LBGT, Jews, and people with extra chromosomes is a comedy black hole that hurts people’s feelings. Good to know. In related news, Lady Gaga kicked off her Monster Ball(s) Tour in Montreal on Friday and oh boy what a treat. It basically consisted of her prancing around the stage in ridiculous outfits to cover up the fact that her lyrics are goofy and her songs suck. And please don’t tell me she’s talented because she can play the piano. The blind guy I give change to outside the mall can play an accordion and a drum set with his foot, but at least he doesn’t look like he picked out his clothes during a nuclear attack.

How edgy!!

“It has no politics, it has no religion, it has no money, it’s fucking free!” Her words. How many people there got free tickets, I wonder? – Mr. Grooms