Jennifer Lopez Might Have A Sex Tape

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Diva bitch Jennifer Lopez is reportedly trying to stop the release of an 11-hour tape shot by her first husband Ojani Noa 12 years ago. National Enquirer reports:

The ENQUIRER viewed the bombshell 11-hour tape that J.Lo doesn’t want anyone to see – and we have all the details. The tape includes footage of the beauty playing sexy bedroom games with first husband Ojani Noa, 35, a Cuban-born waiter she married 12 years ago. In one sizzling scene, J.Lo is looking at herself in a bathroom mirror, wearing only a bra and panties – and showing off her famous butt. Sources say the star is embarrassed by the planned release of the image-shattering tape. The 40-year-old is the mother of 20-month-old twins with third husband Marc Anthony, 41, and projects a sexy but wholesome image. But that’s not the naughty Jennifer seen on the tape – in skimpy underwear being chased around the bedroom by Noa, who playfully spanks her. In another eye-popping shot, a clearly immodest J.Lo laughs as the camera catches her climbing onto a motorcycle wearing a short dress and no panties.

Jennifer Lopez owes her career to Auto-tune and a comically oversized ass, so why is she is upset about some tape? Her music and movies suck and nobody gives a shit about her anymore so why not get some publicity over the only thing anybody cares about? Like my anal sex tape with Betty Rubble. It’s pretty big in Germany right now.